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Vermouth Dos Déus Origins: DryWhite

A Vermouth with a body and mythological essence, which comes from the heart of the celestially beautiful Priorat. A younger and fresher range that experiments with different grape varieties and different types of aging.

10,00 €


Dos Déus Origins is a young and fresh range that goes back to the roots of vermouth and our roots. We use local grapes for its production and Priorat barrels for the aging.

Each vermouth is represented by one of the main gods of Greek mythology, all of whom have been chosen for their relevance and power: Zeus, the King of the gods, Poseidon, the God of the seas, and Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war.

The Dry white vermouth is the most intense and powerful vermouth, and consequently it is associated with the most powerful god of Olympus, Zeus.

A vermouth produced from 90% Macabeo wine and 10% Mistela liqueur wine, along with a highly spicy herbal formula. All the sugar it contains comes from the must of fresh grapes with which the Mistela liquor wine is made; that is, it does not contain added sugars.